Continuously improving and striving for excellence - coating workshop conducts "6S" training for all employees

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Since July this year, Pengfulong New Materials Co., Ltd. has invited a professional team called "Times Guanghua" to provide an overall solution for our company's management training in order to achieve standardized management and enhance core competitiveness. In mid to late August, the team's Teacher Fang began to stay in the factory and focus on rectifying and rectifying the paint production workshop, achieving refined management of the paint workshop.

Fine management begins with "6S" management. "6S" is to make the flow of people, logistics and information on the site smooth and smooth through scientific and reasonable positioning, cleaning and rectification of the site, create a safe, civilized, clean, efficient, warm and bright working environment for enterprise employees, awaken the pursuit of truth, kindness and beauty in the heart of each employee, stimulate high morale and sense of responsibility of employees, shape a good corporate image, and form an excellent corporate culture, Enhance the reputation of the enterprise and achieve common goals.
To achieve "6S" management, it is first necessary to make employees understand what "6S" is in order to have more execution power. On the morning of the 19th, Teacher Fang organized a "6S" training for all employees in the paint workshop. During the training process, the Chinese teacher provided a detailed analysis of what the six S's (organization, rectification, cleaning, literacy, safety) are and how they should be implemented on site. And in the form of pictures and videos, some successful cases of implementing "6S" management in the workshop were presented to everyone. The employees are also very engaged, occasionally recording key content in their notebooks and reading aloud how to do a good job on the "6S" key points. From that powerful voice, we can truly feel that everyone is united and united.

Through this training, employees' awareness of "6S" management has been enhanced, making it possible for all employees to participate in "6S". This has enabled all employees to study, understand, and take action on "6S" knowledge diligently, gradually and persistently, continuously regulating their daily work, and promoting "6S" from "formal" to "action-oriented", ultimately achieving "habitual". After the training, Teacher Fang conducted a written exam for everyone, and some employees also put forward their understanding and insights on the "6S" of their position based on their actual situation, highlighting the effectiveness and necessity of this training. Next, the paint workshop will gradually fully implement "6S" management and look forward to its achievements.

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