PFLUON PEEK can replace metals, incorporate parts (molded in one go) and simplify structures. Parts molded from PFLUON PEEK have low shrinkage and hygroscopicity, which meet high precision requirements in these applications.

PFLUON PEEK can also be composite processed into glass fibers, carbon fibers, graphite, additional modification of PTFE, special wear-resistant specifications or prepared for conductive and antistatic specifications.

In addition, PFLUON PEEK provides materials of high-purity specifications that can be used in he semiconductor industry, especially for high temperature treated conditions. They have dimensional stability at both high and low temperatures, which ensures a clean surface, contamination-free, and corrosion-free from irritating chemicals and various solvents.

PEEKE lectronic semiconductor applications

Schematic diagram of semiconductor manufacturing process

Advantages of PEEK Materials in Electronic Semiconductor Applications

Excellent electrical performance
Can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees Celsius in the short term and up to 260 degrees Celsius in long-term use
High wear resistance
Self-extinguishing material
High corrosion resistance
Dimensional stability (low creep)

Typical Applications