PfluonThree Systems and Fine Management Launch Conference Successfully Held

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Consolidate strength, unite as one, unite as one, and never forget one's original intention. The kick-off meeting of "Three Systems and Fine Management Project" of PfluonTechnology Co., Ltd. was officially launched on August 15, 2019. Nearly 30 senior managers and middle management of the company, including Chairman Wang Ximing, General Manager Sun Yijun, Deputy General Manager Yu Shundong, Chief Financial Officer Yu Huilan and Production Director Ren Dianfu, attended the kick-off meeting

The left picture shows the scene of the kickoff meeting, where General Manager Sun Yijun gave instructions for the project meeting. The right picture shows the scene of supervisors and above taking a collective oath under the oath of Production Director Ren Dianfu.
With the development of the times, the continuous progress of society, and market demand, the senior management of Pengfulong's board, led by Chairman Wang Ximing, is visionary and always stands at the forefront of the times, making long-term plans for the company's future direction. Focusing on the current situation, seizing opportunities and advancing development, the company has carried out systematic rectification and planning in terms of three systems and refined management. The company is led by Chairman Wang Ximing as the leading group and General Manager Sun Yijun as the executive group at all levels. Under the guidance of Teacher Guanghua of the times and the unified deployment of the company, each group The heads of various departments and all employees of the company are working tirelessly to promote and implement this work step by step. On the right side of the oath board below is the signature of the participants after the kickoff meeting. Mr. Yu Shundong, the Deputy General Manager in the right picture, is already prepared to participate in the entire project rectification with confidence, and energy!
The left image below shows the oath board oath, and the right image shows Mr. Yu Shundong, Deputy General Manager of the company.

Starting from me, innovating concepts, learning lean improvement knowledge; setting an example, firmly believing, and firmly advocating lean thinking; breaking identity, working together, and fully ensuring resource support; personally doing, seeking truth from facts, participating in lean improvement activities; going all out and working together to achieve lean improvement goals; striving to learn, open sharing, and jointly creating a lean improvement culture. Every oath is inspiring and inspiring, and will keep pace with the progress of the times; Set sail, continue the expedition, ride the wind and waves, and lead the industry towards broader waters.
All attendees are full of confidence, believing that as long as the goals are set according to the meeting, down-to-earth and practical implementation of the meeting plan, lean production will surely bloom beautiful flowers and bear fruitful results in Pengfulong.
The oath has been made, and the mission will be fulfilled. We are full of fighting spirit, we overcome all difficulties, we have the courage to move forward, and we firmly believe in reform. Pengfulong people, let's work together, strive for excellence, and jointly draw a blueprint for a better future.

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