Proposal for Building a Civilized PfluonTogether

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To all Pfluon people:
hello everyone!
The company is a big family, with a clean and tidy environment and safe and orderly production reflecting the company's image and employee literacy. It is a tangible business card of Pengfulong. Building a civilized Pengfulong relies on everyone's joint creation and maintenance. The company hereby proposes to all employees:
Strive to become a civilized and hygienic cleaner. Improve civilized literacy, avoid spitting, littering, littering, damaging flowers, trees, and public facilities, maintain good public health, and strive to purify, beautify, and beautify the factory environment. Actively promote and motivate more employees to join in the action of maintaining hygiene, creating a strong atmosphere of "everyone is responsible, everyone participates, and everyone benefits", and working together to protect a good environment in public places such as the factory area, office area, green belt, cafeteria, and shuttle bus.
Love and dedication, strive for innovation, and strive for first-class performance. Adhering to the corporate mission of "the cornerstone of the industry and the glory of a great country", based on their own positions, down-to-earth learning combined with their own positions, combining learning and practice, and achieving the goal of applying what is learned. Strengthen the awareness of innovation, promote the spirit of innovation, and regard positions as the battlefield for innovation. Work in one line, drill in one line, and refine one line, widely carry out ideological innovation, technological innovation, and management innovation, and contribute their intelligence to the development of Pfluon.
Strictly abide by professional ethics and implement safety production. Strictly abide by the rules and regulations of safety production and various operating procedures, and eliminate all illegal activities and safety accidents. We must always tighten the thread of safety awareness, improve our safety prevention skills, and become guardians, speakers, and supervisors of safety production.
The path of civilization construction has only a starting point and no ending point. Take action! Starting from me, starting from now, starting from around, and jointly building a shared civilization, Pfluon.

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