Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Pfluon Striving to Pursue Dreams

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Innovation is the soul of a nation and the theme of the times; Entrepreneurship is the foundation of development and the foundation of enriching the people. The 2019 National Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week Jinhua Branch Venue series of activities kicked off on June 13, with the theme of "Gathering the vitality of entrepreneurship and innovation, surging development momentum". Adhering to the new development concept, we deeply implemented the innovation driven development strategy. Through a series of major events such as "achievement exhibition, entrepreneurship competition, high-end forum, and industry summit", we actively echoed the main venue of Hangzhou and showcased the achievements and experiences of innovation and entrepreneurship, Promote our city's entrepreneurship and innovation work to a higher level.
Chen Xiao, Executive Vice Mayor of Jinhua Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, Chen Zhishen, Deputy Director of the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, and Xu Zhangcai, Vice Chairman of the Municipal Political Consultative Conference, attended the opening ceremony of the conference at Jinhua North University Science and Technology Park.

Zhejiang PfluonTechnology Co., Ltd. is one of the first batch of "Jinhua City Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base" enterprises to pass the expert group evaluation, and received medals at the venue. This is an honor for the Pengfu family. We must keep up with the times, constantly innovate, and stand at the forefront of scientific research.

After the meeting, Chen Xiao, Executive Vice Mayor of Jinhua City, led relevant departments and enterprise leaders to visit the company's booth, and the staff introduced in detail the achievements and new products of the company's innovation and entrepreneurship.

He Bin, Executive Vice County Mayor of Pan'an County, inquired in detail about the development and innovation of the enterprise. After listening to the introduction, he expressed his pride in Pengfulong, a high-end new material enterprise in Pan'an。

Finally, the staff received an interview with Jinhua TV and provided a detailed introduction to the development of our company and the characteristics, properties, and applications of special engineering plastic polyether ether ketone. This event is both a showcase stage and an arena; It is not only a report meeting on development achievements, but also a platform for the exciting appearance of many cutting-edge technologies; Not only is the drumbeat of victory sounded, but also the horn is sounded to urge people to strive forward. We should take this opportunity to further stimulate the enthusiasm for innovation, entrepreneurship and creation throughout the company, vigorously create a favorable development environment for innovation, entrepreneurship and creation, and assist Pengfulong in high-quality development. I believe that under the leadership of Chairman Wang Ximing, everyone will work together to achieve our dream.

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