Gratitude for Having You on the Same Journey - Pfluon 2018 Year-End Appreciation Party Held Grandly

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Time flies, and time changes. In the blink of an eye, a busy year has passed, and with passion and challenges, a new year is approaching. On the occasion of bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new, the Pfluon 2018 year-end thank-you party was grandly held at Quzhou Hotel, where all employees gathered together to talk about the past and present.
At the beginning of the party, Chairman Wang Ximing, General Manager Sun Yijun, and Deputy General Manager Yu Shundong delivered New Year's speeches one after another, reviewing the achievements of Pfluon in the past, looking forward to a bright future, and expressing deep wishes to employees.
Pfluon delivered a satisfactory answer sheet in 2018, which was inseparable from the hard work of every employee. After the speech, the company leaders presented awards such as the Outstanding Employee Award and the Craftsman Award to the employee representatives as encouragement.
After the formal start of the dinner, employees from various departments showcased their strengths, bringing a wonderful audio-visual feast to everyone. During this period, there was a beautiful Chinese flute Pfluon, an intoxicating saxophone solo, and a Cantonese song "My Favorite" that ignited the audience. The climax was endless, making people dizzy. During the performance, several interactive games were interspersed, greatly mobilizing the enthusiasm of the employees. With the selection of the third, second, and first prizes, the atmosphere of the scene was pushed to another climax. There was laughter and laughter below, and the sweat of the past turned into wine in the glass. Everyone raised their glasses and drank together.
The evening party will come to an end, but the footsteps of Pfluon people in pursuing their dreams will not stop. Dreams are full, and the future is even more worth looking forward to. They will use their actions to interpret "gratitude for having you, and we will go together all the way".

Employee check-in on site

Speech by Chairman Wang Ximing

Speech by  General Manager Sun Yijun

Speech by Vice General Manager Yu Shundong

Leader's toast group photo

Group photo of company leaders and outstanding employees

Group photo of company leaders and "Pfluon Craftsman"

Host's demeanor

Cantonese song 'My Favorite You'

Flute playing

Saxophone Solo

First Prize Group Photo

Second Prize Group Photo

Game interaction

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