CONSTANT series: Premium Non Stick Coating

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As Pfluon's premium flagship, the CONSTANT series has long been favored and recognized by many customers for its exceptional quality and performance.

As a representation of Pfluon's non-stick coating performance, the professional-grade, high-quality non-stick coating, we have continuously updated and iterated this series of products. At the second phase of the Canton Fair, we officially introduced the latest product in this series, CONSTANT-W8838A.

Booth Number: 2.1G 37-40

CONSTANT Non stick coating

We are honored to introduce this professional-grade non-stick coating product from Pfluon through this article.

Perfectly Adaptable for Multiple Scenarios

CONSTANT-W8838A's outstanding performance excels in any cooking challenge—whether slicing, stir-frying, simmering, or deep-frying, it easily surpasses your expectations.

Rigorous Test of Non-Stick Coating 

We have rigorously tested the product in various simulated kitchen environments to ensure it performs excellently in everyday home cooking and maintains its superior performance for a long time.

Simulated stir-fry test >20 cycles

Cooking tomato soup, sautéing potatoes, stir-frying sweet and sour ribs, sautéing snails, and frying three eggs constitute one cycle.

The design philosophy of CONSTANT-W8838A ensures worry-free cooking every time.

Non-stick, wear-resistant, and temperature-resistant, these characteristics make high-temperature stir-frying easy to control, perfectly presenting the color, aroma, and taste of the food without worrying about coating damage or food sticking.

Thermal hardness >3H

Thermal hardness test of Pfloun's non stick coating

The coating is heated to 200°C and tested with a China pencil sliding 25mm. The hardness of the coating equals the hardness of the first pencil that does not scratch the coating.

W8838A not only inherits the excellent performance of the CONSTANT series but also features comprehensive innovations in materials, design, and technology. We have used the latest composite material formulas to ensure long-lasting non-stick properties and significantly enhance wear resistance.

The meticulously designed classic three-layer structure of Pfluon not only allows W8838A to work stably under extreme temperatures but also ensures wear resistance and non-stick properties during prolonged, high-intensity use.

Wear resistance test >600,000 cycles

15N, change sides every 500 cycles, stop the test if the non-stick surface shows more than 1mm of exposed substrate or more than 10 lines totaling more than 2mm in length.

Non-stick wear resistance test >100 cycles

15N, change sides every 500 cycles, clean with edible oil after each friction, fry three eggs at 150-170°C.

From the precision blade of a chef to the frequent friction of daily cooking, CONSTANT-W8838A exhibits excellent wear and scratch resistance, easily handling any challenge.

CONSTANT-Your Best Non Stick Coating for Cookware

CONSTANT-W8838A Information

Main Ingredient: PTFE

Number of Coatings: 3

Coating Thickness: 38-52μm

Applicable Substrate: Die-cast Aluminum/Stretched Aluminum/Plasma

Overall, W8838A is another masterpiece in the CONSTANT series' relentless pursuit of excellence. It is not only the guardian of kitchen utensils but also a messenger of a healthy lifestyle.

We welcome you to visit our booth during the Canton Fair to share the outstanding performance of W8838A, making it an indispensable part of your cooking arsenal. You can also contact us and leave a message to us!

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