Pfluon to Showcase Revolutionary Non-Stick Coatings at 2024 Ambiente, Germany 

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Frankfurt, Germany - Pfluon, a pioneer in the non-stick coating industry, is set to make a significant appearance at the prestigious Ambiente fair in Frankfurt from Jan 26 to 30, 2024. This international consumer goods fair, organized by Messe Frankfurt GmbH, is the perfect stage for exhibitors to display their innovative and high-performance products in consumer goods. And in the Dining sections Hall 8 and L88, Pfluon has its latest coatings for kitchenware. 


Non-stick coating has always been a heated debate for coating manufacturers and consumers. Many worry about the safety issues generated by the coating of the pans. Some also take seriously about the appearance and function, like abrasion resistance. The safety restrictions can also vary from different countries as well. Yet to make both safe and beautiful pans, Pfluon will disclose several new coatings at this year’s show that meet different needs for non-stick coating. Each is tailored for specific kitchen needs and applications. The highlights include:


PFLUONAmber: Utilizing PFLUON PDS technology, PFLUONAmber is a breakthrough in ceramic non-stick coating. It provides an efficient solution to the long-lasting non-stick issue, especially in extremely high temperatures. With its earth-friendly approach and stunning aesthetics, this coating represents the future of kitchenware. Its remarkable heat resistance and durability, tested rigorously in extreme conditions, make it ideal for a variety of cookware, including frying pans, woks, and rice cookers.


Here are tested results for it:


High-temperature resistant non-stickiness Constant temperature at 300℃ for 1hour, cooling
at room temperature, oil free frying eggs at
180-190℃, 100 seconds for each egg, once/cycle
60 cycle pass
Constant temperature at 350℃ for 30min, cooling
at room temperature, oil free frying eggs at
180-190℃, 100 seconds for each egg, ten times/cycle
20 cycle pass
Saltwater-resistant non-stickiness Keep salt-water boiling for 2hour and frying eggs
at 150-180℃,once/cycle
25 cycle pass
Detergent-resistant non-stickiness Keep detergent at 80℃ for 1hour,Cook 20ml milk at
230-250℃ until burnt and rinse with running water, once/cycle
20 cycle pass
Boiled milk test Fry the milk in a gas cooker until browned at 230°C-250°C for 60~90 seconds, Use a rag to gently wipe the small portion and it will fall off, once/cycle 80 cycle pass


Constant: Designed for high-end products, it boasts exceptional heat and abrasion resistance, ensuring long-lasting performance. This coating is perfect for fry pans and bakeware, combining high temperature hardness with superior scratch resistance.


Below is the test result for Constant.

Test Item Test Conditions Test Criteria
Scratch Resistance Cooking oil, 200℃, Change pencil lead every 500 times ≥7000 cycles
Vibratory Abrasion Resistance LGA Wear Resistance, 4 mm Steel beads, P20, 300rpm/min ≥80 min
Abrasion Resistance 30N/21cm2/ wet grinding ≥30000 cycles


Corrosino: Featuring Pfluon's exclusive technology, Corrosine offers a non-stick coating with high gloss and excellent performance. It's known for its sturdy non-stick capabilities and strong abrasion resistance, suitable for fry pans, bakeware, and cake molds.


Below is the test result for Corrosino.


Test Item Test Conditions Test Criteria
Non-adhesive after Abrasion Test 15N/21cm²/dry friction, every 1000 times of rubbing, conduct milk non-stick test once, this is a cycle 25 cycles
Non-stick Performance Test Fry the milk in a gas cooker until browned, temperature controlled at 230°C-250°C 300 cycles
Abrasion Performance Test 30N/21cm2/ wet grinding 6000 cycles


Cookmark: A dual-layer PTFE coating known for its exquisite appearance and has been a hot-seller in the market.


Hua Gang Yan: A patented Pfluon product that mimics granite's appearance and excellent properties. It is highly durable, scratch-resistant, and perfect for an array of cookware and kitchen appliances.


“We know brands nowadays care about the tech and quality of coatings, and that’s why put our efforts into it. We even have our own testing lab to ensure the safety and endurance of our coatings” said XXX “However, Pfluon also noticed families want more than just function while choosing kitchenware, they want style as well and that’s why we have our new series of products at this exhibition.” 


About Pfluon


Pfluon has been at the forefront of non-stick coating technology, continually innovating and pushing the boundaries of kitchenware performance. Our mission is to drive innovation in ways that enrich everyone’s daily living.  Pfluon's presence at Ambiente underscores our commitment to excellence and our role as a leader in the non-stick coating industry.


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