Pfluon successfully applied for the key core technology research project of the provincial industrial innovation service complex in Quzhou Intelligent Manufacturing New City

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In September, Pengfulong, as the research unit, organized and applied for the municipal science and technology plan project - "Waterborne Fantasy Silk Non stick Coating". After strict review organized by the Science and Technology Bureau, the project was successfully shortlisted and included in the key core technology research project of the provincial-level industrial innovation service complex for fluorine silicon cobalt new materials and aerodynamic equipment in Quzhou Intelligent Manufacturing New City in 2021.
The Municipal Science and Technology Project is based on solving major scientific and technological problems in the economic and social development of our city. Focusing on the construction of an innovative city and modern industrial system in our city, we aim to overcome a number of major, key, and common technical problems that constrain the sustainable development of our national economy and society. We strive to grasp a number of key technologies with independent intellectual property rights, improve the independent innovation capabilities of leading industries and strategic emerging industries, and serve regional development strategies, Continuously improving the city's ability and level of technological innovation.
This project is undertaken by Pengfulong and lasts for 2 years. Zhang Zhihui, as the project leader, leads the team members to carry out technical breakthroughs. The project is planned to be completed in December 2022. This project is to develop a water-based illusion silk non stick coating applied to non stick pots and cookware. Through specialized tools and techniques such as cloud spray guns and airbrushes, various dreamy silk and dot shaped artistic patterns are presented, such as fireworks blooming in the air, with countless threads and radiance. The coating is delicate, non peeling, and non cracking, and the background color and artistic patterns can be freely matched to enhance the aesthetic of the kitchen. The successful establishment of this project will further enhance the company's technological innovation and management capabilities, greatly enhance the company's core competitiveness, and become a leader in the industry. The company will always adhere to the core values of "integrity, openness, professionalism, and win-win cooperation" and the mission of "industry cornerstone, great country glory", strengthen the transformation of scientific research achievements, increase the pace of market development, promote new products, and further enhance the company's technological innovation ability and industrialization development level.

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