PfluonTechnology has passed the "three simultaneities" review of occupational health in construction projects

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To further promote occupational health work, Zhejiang PfluonTechnology Co., Ltd. has taken multiple measures and efficiently completed the preliminary preparation and rectification work for the occupational health review of relevant construction projects, successfully passing the occupational health review.
On September 4, 2021, an expert group composed of review experts from departments such as Jinhua City Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Wucheng District Health Supervision Institute conducted an acceptance review of the occupational health "three simultaneities" of Zhejiang Pengfulong Technology Co., Ltd.'s annual production of 200 tons of special engineering plastic functional material manufacturing project by observing the scene, listening to reports, and checking records.
The expert group enters the production workshop, warehouse, and other areas to conduct on-site inspections of various production devices and auxiliary facilities. At the same time, the operation of occupational disease prevention facilities against dust, high temperature and noise, occupational health management, allocation and use of personal protective equipment, setting of warning signs in the workplace, emergency rescue facilities and other important links shall be comprehensively inspected.
At the review meeting, the expert group carefully listened to the introduction of Pfluon's basic occupational health situation and the evaluation report on the effectiveness of occupational disease prevention and control, and reviewed in detail the company's occupational health ledger materials such as the "Pre evaluation report on occupational disease hazards," "Occupational disease prevention and control management system," "Occupational health examination report," and "Occupational health personal monitoring file. Based on the on-site inspection and strict evaluation by the expert group, it is unanimously agreed that ZhejiangPfluonTechnology Co., Ltd.'s occupational health "three simultaneities" have passed the review and acceptance, and the current status evaluation report of occupational disease hazards meets the standards.
The successful passing of the occupational health review marks a new level in the company's occupational disease hazard management work, further strengthening the basic work of occupational disease hazard management, and ensuring the continuous and stable development of the company's occupational health management work.

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