Jin Yan, Deputy Secretary of the Pan'an County Party Committee and County Mayor, came to Jinpan Development Zone to coordinate and promote the listing process of PfluonTechnology

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On October 9th, Jin Yan, Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee and County Mayor, led the heads of relevant departments such as the County Government Office and the Taxation Bureau to the Jinpan Development Zone to coordinate and promote the listing process of Zhejiang Pengfulong Technology Co., Ltd., relieving difficulties and assisting enterprises in high-quality development. Accompanied by Chen Pingping, Vice Chairman of the County Political Consultative Conference and Secretary of the Party Committee of Jinpan Development Zone. Wang Ximing, Chairman of Zhejiang Pfluon Technology Co., Ltd., and Chen Kejin, Manager of the Comprehensive Department, attended.

At the symposium, Chairman Wang Ximing briefly reported on the company's current production and operation scale, product industry share, future main focus of the enterprise, and progress in capitalization operation. He proposed three issues that constrain the development of the enterprise: talent issues, land space issues, and the enjoyment of "enclave" policies.
After listening to the report, Jin Yan stated that Zhejiang Pfluon Technology Co., Ltd. is a representative of a technology-based enterprise in Jinpan Development Zone. Its scientific research investment is large, the market share of high-tech and high value-added products is high, and the enterprise has good growth potential. The county party committee and government will continue to pay attention and support, and will promptly study and solve the three issues raised. At the same time, it is required that relevant departments such as Jinpan Development Zone and taxation should focus on solving the key and difficult problems that currently affect and constrain the development of enterprises, enhance their proactive service awareness, assign dedicated personnel to coordinate, implement one enterprise one policy, and make extraordinary contributions to effectively solve problems for enterprises, actively promote the listing work of enterprises, and achieve high-quality development of enterprises through problem cancellation.

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