Brave Forward on the International Road - Record of Peng Pfluon's Tour to the 2019 Spring Canton Fair

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The 125th China Import and Export Commodity Fair (referred to as the 2019 Spring Canton Fair) has come to a successful conclusion under the spotlight. As an internationally influential manufacturer of non coating brands, Pengfulong has always adhered to innovation, established itself internationally, and aligned with the world. As usual, we are bringing Pengfulong's products to the stage this time.

The beautiful and elegant exhibition booth, eye-catching products, and Pfluon's booth have attracted a continuous stream of buyers who come to inquire. Our MICAREX new product, with its eye-catching colors and unique luster, has become a popular contestant in this exhibition, attracting the interest of buyers from both domestic and foreign countries, and receiving great attention.
The joining of overseas agents has also contributed a lot to our exhibition this time. The Korean agent and the Russian agent are awarded by us to expand overseas markets. Through them, we can more smoothly promote overseas brands and sales of coatings. At this exhibition, many buyers and customers from South Korea and Russia visited our booth, and their participation facilitated further communication and exchange with overseas customers.

Pfluon, as a well-known paint brand at home and abroad, has always enjoyed a good reputation and reputation in the industry, and has also maintained good cooperative relationships with our customers. In this exhibition, we also received many clients who have been cooperating for a long time, communicated and discussed our products in a targeted manner. Customers have also given full recognition to our products and shown great interest in our new products.
The 5-day Canton Fair trip quickly came to an end, and we gained a lot from it. Not only did we consolidate our relationship with our old customers, but we also further expanded our influence and increased our brand awareness.
Nevertheless, participating in the Canton Fair is only a small step forward for us.
With the deterioration of Sino US relations and the outbreak of a trade war, the international trade situation is further tense. In this situation, how to go better and further is a question that we need to consider. And Pfluon will not stop its strides forward and outward. Facing the unfavorable external trade environment, we will still take a positive attitude, overcome various unfavorable factors, continue to forge ahead, develop a larger market, and strive for more market share.
Pfluon has been on the international road for many years, and with the excellent quality of our products, we have gained a group of loyal customers and gained a certain influence. On the next path of development, we still cannot slack off. Our goal is to gain a larger market, and high-quality products are our solid fortress. In the second half of the year, there will be many continuous international exhibitions waiting for us, and we will continue to work hard to bring our products to the international stage with a more perfect posture.

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