Zhejiang Pfluon Special Polymer Materials Key Enterprise Research Institute has passed the acceptance inspection

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On December 28th, the Provincial Department of Science and Technology organized experts to hold a construction acceptance meeting for the "Zhejiang Pfluon Special Polymer Materials Key Enterprise Research Institute" in Jinpan Development Zone.

After listening to the report, reviewing the materials, and inspecting the site, the experts of the acceptance team confirmed that the construction of the research institute has fully completed the tasks specified in the responsibility letter and meets the acceptance requirements.

This means that our provincial key enterprise research institute has successfully passed the acceptance inspection.

The "Zhejiang Pfluon Key Enterprise Research Institute for Special Polymer Materials" is jointly built by Zhejiang Pfluon Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Pengfulong New Materials Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in the research and development, production, and sales of new functional coating materials, non stick coating series products, and special engineering plastic polyether ether ketone (PEEK). Zhejiang Pfluon Technology Co., Ltd. is the largest non stick coating production enterprise in China, with a leading technological process in the same industry. In 2019, the production and market share of polyether ether ketone ranked fifth in the world.

The research institute focuses on the development of strategic products in the field of special engineering plastics and special coatings, mainly researching and developing high thermal stability polyether ether ketone resin, polyether sulfone resin for membranes, graphene heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating for marine engineering equipment, and high-temperature coil coating preparation technology. It achieves large-scale production of ultrafine and high fluidity polyether ether ketone, and breakthroughs in the application technology of doped graphene anti-corrosion coating and non stick coating, which can enhance the application of enterprise products in aviation The industrialization level of high-end applications in military industry, electronics, medical and other fields.

During the construction period, the research institute has completed 2 provincial-level key scientific research projects, obtained 2 authorized invention patents, applied for 6 invention patents, and obtained 10 new products; Establish a team of 78 scientific and technological talents, and introduce 2 high-level talents, including 2 young scientists.

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