Zhejiang Pfluon New Materials Co., Ltd. has successfully applied for a provincial key research and development plan project

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In November, Zhejiang Pfluon New Materials Co., Ltd., as the research unit, organized and applied for the provincial key research and development plan project - "Industrialization and Application of Key Monomers and High Performance Polymer Materials - Localization and Application Demonstration of High Performance Special Engineering Plastic Polyether Ether Ketone". The project was successfully approved after multiple rounds of strict review organized by the Department of Science and Technology.
The Provincial Key R&D Plan is a science and technology plan that carries out research activities in key technological fields such as cutting-edge scientific issues, major social welfare research, major key core technology breakthroughs, demonstration and application of major scientific and technological achievements, and major international scientific and technological cooperation. Through project implementation, we will accelerate the achievement of a batch of iconic achievements and strategic products, solve a batch of key core technologies and technological bottlenecks, and provide strategic support for the high-quality development of our province's economy and society and the construction of the "two high-level".
This project is undertaken by Pengfulong, with Zhejiang University of Technology and Quzhou University as participating units to jointly apply, ensuring strong support for theoretical research, technological research and application demonstration. The project will last for three years and is planned to be completed in December 2022. The successful establishment of this project indicates that Pengfulong Company is in an industry leading position in the field of polyether ether ketone. Through the organization and implementation of key R&D projects in the province, the company's technological innovation and management capabilities will be further enhanced, and a large number of leading talents will be introduced and cultivated, greatly enhancing the company's core competitiveness.
Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) is currently the most excellent thermoplastic with excellent comprehensive performance. It has excellent high-temperature resistance, mechanical properties, chemical corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, hydrolysis resistance, peeling resistance, self-lubrication, flame retardancy, stable insulation, easy processing, and can be widely used in various fields such as national defense and military industry, aerospace, automotive, petrochemical, electronic and electrical, and medical equipment. It is a solution to high-performance One of the most ideal materials for material application challenges in high demand fields. In recent years, with the development of trends such as "replacing steel with plastics", "replacing wood with plastics", and "lightweight cars", as well as the gradual implementation of policies such as "new urbanization" and "building a beautiful China", the application of high-performance, multifunctional, environmentally friendly, and green polyether ether ketone products has been further expanded. Polyether ether ketone products, with their excellent physical and chemical properties, have gradually penetrated into more application fields with the advancement of technology and expansion of production capacity in the polyether ether ketone industry. The company has always attached great importance to the technological development and application of special engineering plastics, polyether ether ketone, and holds multiple related invention patents. It has undertaken a major project called "polyether ether ketone ultrafine powder for continuous fibers", and has gained a lot of technological accumulation, providing a guarantee for the industrialization of polyether ether ketone. Pengfulong will follow the vision of "becoming an international first-class polymer material enterprise" and "becoming an international first-class polymer material enterprise", seize this historical opportunity and shine brightly in the field of polyether ether ketone.

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