Top Marble Series Non-stick coating

Top Marble Series Non-stick coating

The DISCOVER series of non stick coatings is the top product of Marble exterior coatings. Through the innovation of material technology, we have endowed our products with superior non stick performance and durability. In order to bring a more enjoyable cooking experience to global consumers, we extensively draw inspiration from art and endow the DISCOVER series of non stick coatings with richer colors and textures. We extract the world's most charming natural and cultural elements to make life more enjoyable.


We have been exploring new color schemes to enhance the appearance performance of DISCOVER non stick coating products.
Popular colors are annual passersby, but colors that have undergone the baptism of nature and time will have a more natural feeling.
We draw inspiration from natural and cultural elements in a wider range of colors, endowing DISCOVER with richer colors.


Narrow Valley (Arizona)

Located in the narrow valley of northern Arizona, the unique red rock layer has undergone millions of years of water erosion, shaping a unique canyon landscape. The sky light shines from the valley top, and the high light white and deep black form a magnificent natural landscape in the special structure of the red rock.
We have been searching for a unique red that should be natural but not flashy, and here we have found it.


Aegean Sea

The famous Aegean Sea, blue is its soul, and the sea, sky, and rooftops of seaside churches seem to contain various forms of blue.
We choose the most profound one, the waves under the waves, the surging waves under the waves.


Serengeti (Africa)

During the rainy season, Serengeti is the wildest plain in the world, and the rain has covered the earth with green, which is a carnival of life.
We cannot give up the emerald green of the grassland, nor the deep green of the tree canopy. Let them merge, that's the impression of Serengeti.


Qiangtang (Qinghai Tibet Plateau)
The Tibetan Plateau

In the famous Qinghai Tibet Plateau, this is a famous uninhabited area, and even in spring and summer, there is no disturbance like the Serengeti low tree grassland.
Apart from the blue sky and white clouds, this is the color that belongs to autumn. Although low-key, it is also vibrant.


Provence (France)

Purple lavender has a more romantic temperament, which is also a unique atmosphere in Provence.
This is a synaesthetic color that, beyond visual appeal, may also have the fragrance of lavender, the taste of purple potatoes, and a hint of romance.



Further north is the Arctic, which is the harshest climate zone, but also has the most stubborn life. Even without the colorful aurora borealis, stubborn moss and lichens can form a colorful world.
This is the most stubborn color in the world.

Imagine, discover beautiful colors

Exploring new color elements in the world of cooking utensils, integrating natural elements and coating technology, unleashing advanced technology and art of life in customers' kitchens, is very interesting.


We endow the DISCOVER non-stick coating with superior product performance, longer service life, more refined coating texture, and significantly improved appearance retention performance.

DISCOVER Comprehensive performance performance chart (as shown in the figure)