Not only monochrome, but also granite

We have no intention of creating a color, and each work focuses on extracting natural primary colors


Meet the application needs of your product in multiple fields
Widely used in non stick cookware such as frying pans, soup pans, rice cookers, baking pans, and internal coating of kitchen appliances

Unprecedented natural surfaces
But it is an indispensable new element in your production line

HUA GANG YAN Coating is a new type of non stick coating product developed by the PFLUON R&D team based on real granite color and texture. The coating has excellent characteristics such as high hardness, wear resistance, and good non stick. It's not that we are stingy about the extension of colors, but that we have no intention of creating an unreal color. The team, based on the perfect restoration of real things, rigorously controls every experiment and debugging, and each work focuses on extracting natural primary colors. Unfortunately, currently we have only found 9 authentic granite textures, which have been developed and named successively: Dailan Grey, Ground Flame Red, Sea Blue, Camel Yellow, Glaze Yellow, Coffee Brown, Fandai Brown, British Green, and Autumn Ginkgo.

Dailan Grey

HUA GANG YAN - Coating
型号:D8838-0001p (Primer)
D8838-0001T(Surface oil)

Ground flame red

HUA GANG YAN - Coating
D8838-0007M( Zhongyou)
D8838-0007T(Surface oil)

Navy blue

HUA GANG YAN - Coating
D8838-0004T(Surface oil)

Camel yellow

HUA GANG YAN - Coating
D8838-0010M( Zhongyou)
D8838-0010T(Surface oil)

Glazed yellow

HUA GANG YAN - Coating
D8838-0005M( Zhongyou)
D8838-0005T(Surface oil)

Coffee brown

HUA GANG YAN - Coating
D8838-0006M(Zhongyou )
D8838-0006T(Surface oil)

Fandai Brown

HUA GANG YAN - Coating
D8838-0009M(Zhongyou )
D8838-0009T(Surface oil)

Autumn Ginkgo biloba

HUA GANG YAN - Coating
D8838-2001M(Zhongyou )
D8838-2001T(Surface oil)

British Green

HUA GANG YAN - Coating
D8838-0017M(Zhongyou )
D8838-0017T(Surface oil)

Provide you with exclusive solutions

We provide collaborative research and development services, providing more possibilities and choices for your product development, and customizing exclusive solutions for your market.


Performance of craftsmanship

The reduction of spraying process is a reflection of adding points to a product. Unlike the criticism caused by the multi-point separate spraying process of the conventional spraying coating series, HUA GANG YAN COAING achieves multi-point color mixed spraying, shortens construction time, and is the best choice for a new product that is worth enriching the product line and promoting to the market.

non-stick ★★★★★
corrosion resistance ★★★★★
heat resistance ★★★★
wear resistance ★★★★★