Extraordinary tough non-stick coating,longer life,Suitability for demanding cooking application.

PLASTRON Advantages&Features

Extremely long-lasting abrasion & non-stick performance

Excellent non-stick performance, coupled with PFLUON Densification technology, equips PLASTRON coating with tough coating performance.More compact polymer coating structure makes non-stick coating more durable with superlong service life.Under high-intensity cooking, it still maintains outstanding performance.

PLASTRON coating features excellent adhesion, which can be more widely applied in different cooking utensils substrate: such as smooth stainless steel surface. It can also provide excellent non-stick cooking experience for more categories of cookware.

performance testing

Abrasion 30N/21cm2;5% detergent;

30000 times

Non-stick test after abrasion 1.5kg/21cm², after 1000 times abrasion test, then frying eggs;
HG/T 4563;

25 cycles

Vibration abrasion LGA test 120 minutes Every 30 minutes check sureface, 300 rpm ;
GB/T 32095;