Different Choices, Different Excitement


PFLUON’s universal grade silicone coating with a wide variety of coating colors, bright, high glossiness and vivid. Can be used as outer coating of a variety of cookware.

7 main color systems

Our Silibasic Coating provides a rich color solution while ensuring excellent performance. Products from seven color systems are available to choose from in the existing mature Silibasic For External standardized product series. Their high gloss and high hardness coated surface combined with typical natural color spectrum of bright colors gives your products a higher quality look.

*具体色彩型号,请扫描与浏览Optimal Collection了解更多

3-4 color extensions

Under the 7 color systems, the Silibasic Coating standardized products is extended with multiple rich colors. Each color system provides 3 to 4 more delicate color solutions. Each color is derived from the highly refined aesthetics of nature and life.

A total of 27 colors are available for choice, which provides you with rich color options for your cookware products.

3 appearance effects

Three appearance effects: Primary color, strong glittering, and mild glittering.

In addition to the rich color choices, our Silibasic Coating can achieve varied appearance effects. You can add glittering effect so that your products looks brighter with higher quality.