Striving Forward to Boost Economic Recovery - A Record of the Pfluon Frankfurt Exhibition

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As one of the most influential international exhibitions in the consumer goods industry, the Frankfurt Spring International Consumer Goods Expo focuses on the three main consumer goods sectors of kitchens, home furnishings, and gifts, and is considered a barometer of industry trends and popular products. More than 4600 exhibitors from over 90 countries and regions around the world participated, of which 664 Chinese exhibitors registered, second only to the host Germany (683). At that time, the domestic epidemic was still growing rapidly, and Pengfulong, as a global non stick cookware industry provider of excellent non stick coating solutions, decided to attend the exhibition as usual. The journey went smoothly, and the moment the plane landed in Germany, my heart was at ease.

On February 7, the first day of the launch, we received Soltam customers from Israel early in the morning. They said that they have been purchasing goods in China for many years, although China is now suffering from the impact of the epidemic, some orders from China may be slightly delayed delivery time, but this does not affect our partnership, the Chinese partner is difficult to replace.

Pfluon 's exhibits are mainly innovative products such as HGY and DISCOVER. It also brings a series of three-layer high-temperature color coatings, bright colors and excellent heat-resistant stability which are of great interest to customers. Compared with the number of visitors to this exhibition in the past, there has been a certain number of cuts. Most of the end customers are more concerned about when the Chinese factories can resume work and deliver goods, in our understanding of the process they generally said the maximum impact of a month. Looking back a month later, domestic pots and pans were being shipped to customers one by one, and the epidemic was spreading around the world, with China leading the way again. Go Pfluon, Go China!

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