Hot blooded basketball, passionate start "- Zhejiang Pfluon Technology Co., Ltd. Basketball Friendship Tournament is held with great enthusiasm!

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To reignite everyone's passion, collide with the youth on the field, and help everyone relax, release stress, and bring each other closer. On the evening of September 3, 2022, the Zhejiang Pfluon Technology Co., Ltd. Basketball Friendship Tournament kicked off at the "Compass" Stadium. The two teams in this competition were composed of "Pengfulong Technology Team" and "Pengfulong New Materials Team".

With the whistle of the referee, the ball game began. The players from both sides chased each other on the basketball court, with beautiful jump shots, exciting rebounds, and flowing movements that instantly ignited the atmosphere of the scene and won cheers and cheers from all over the room. The players from outside also occasionally cheered and cheered for both teams. The two teams are evenly matched and unwilling to show weakness to each other. Whether they seize each other's attacking loopholes and cooperate harmoniously, or repeatedly launch attacks to launch counterattacks, the game scene is gripping, and every moment of the game presents the most passionate game scene for the families present.

Through fierce competition, the "Pfluon New Materials Team" ultimately won the basketball friendly with a total score of 50:45. However, this competition adheres to the principle of "friendship first, competition second", and everyone deeply feels the strength and warmth of the collective, further deepening the team atmosphere of confidence, sunshine, vitality, and courage to fight.

At any time, welcoming the "basket" represents the unwavering momentum of all Pfluon family members. Although this basketball friendly game has come to a successful end, the spirit of fighting against difficulties, unity and cooperation, and perseverance that never give up in the game will continue to be strong in all aspects of work and life in the future, injecting strong momentum into Pfluou future development!

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