Quzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary and his delegation visited Zhejiang Pfluon New Materials Co., Ltd for investigation and research

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On the afternoon of October 8, 2022, a delegation led by Gao Yi, Secretary of the Quzhou Municipal Party Committee, visited Zhejiang Pfluon New Materials Co., Ltd . for investigation and research on talent science and technology innovation related work.
Accompanied by Chairman Wang Ximing, the leaders visited and inspected the exhibition hall and central control room of Zhejiang Pfluon New Materials Co., Ltd.

In the company exhibition hall, Chairman Wang first gave a brief introduction to the company and its current overall operational situation. In the product sample area of the exhibition hall, the leaders of the group gained a deeper understanding of the company's products and key applications in industries such as aerospace, automotive industry, and biomaterials. At the same time, Chairman Wang focused on elaborating on the company's talent and innovation sectors, research institute construction, and other related work.

Next, a group of leaders visited and inspected the company's central control room. As an important intelligent management platform, the leaders focused on exploring the company's personnel, process, and safety and environmental management platform. Secretary Gao Yi fully affirmed the above management platforms. At the same time, Chairman Wang explained the company's future investment and development situation in Quzhou, mainly including an additional 2000 tons of special polymer synthesis technology transformation project with an investment of 200 million yuan. A group of leaders stated that the government will become a strong driving force for the future development of enterprises, and relevant favorable policies will continue to provide strong support for enterprises.
Pfluon is a new material research and development and manufacturing enterprise based in China and globally distributed. The company has been focusing on the development and manufacturing of special polymers and related application products for many years, and has always been committed to becoming an international first-class polymer material enterprise. In the future, Pengfulong will continue to be down-to-earth, create a good environment for scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the formation of a training mechanism that is conducive to talent growth, a mechanism that is conducive to the full use of talents, and an incentive mechanism that is conducive to competing for growth and showcasing their abilities, cultivate a fertile soil for talent growth, and make the root system of scientific and technological innovation talents more developed.

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