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Pfluon Profile

Zhejiang Pfluon Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2006, is a raw materials manufacturing enterprise focused on the research and development of advanced materials and based in China with a global industrial layout. We have been focusing on the development and manufacturing of Advanced Polymers and their related applications for many years. Relying on innovation of product technology and upgrade of production equipment, we provide customers with high-quality solutions and high-quality product output. Pfluon always committed to be a world-class polymer enterprise.

Our core products are diversified and represented by polyarylether resins, specialty coatings and biomaterials. They can be applied to aerospace, automobile, home appliance, electronic semiconductor, petrochemical, clean energy, medical equipment and other industries. Motivated by technological innovations and depending on excellent manufacturing quality, PFLUON is committed to providing customers with professional solutions and promoting win-win cooperation under the guidance of the market orientation.

PFLUON highlights the building of a professional talent team and owns a first-class technical team, an independent research and development experiment base and a state-leading fully automatic production line. As a global leader in the field of new materials, PFLUON will continue to lead technological progress, promote deep applications of special polymer materials to various fields and increase the application value.

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