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PEEK High-performance Polymer

Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) is one of the most widely used high-performance polymers in the poly aryl ether resin family. As a semi-crystalline thermoplastic polymer, it has advantages such as high-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance, wear resistance, high strength, corrosion resistance, gamma ray radiation resistance, fatigue resistance, easy forming etc. It is a high-performance polymer with the best comprehensive performance.

Introduction to the PEEK Performance


Form Applicable process  Viscosity range Base resin
Coarse powder Composite modified Ultra-high viscosity, high viscosity, standard viscosity, low viscosity, ultra-low viscosity  8000 (ultra-high viscosity)
8100 (High viscosity)8200 (Standard viscosity)8800 (Low viscosity)8900 (Ultra-low viscosity)Customizable viscosity
Fine powder  Composite modified, molded  Low viscosity, standard viscosity
Ultra-fine powder  Composite modified, pre-impregnation, spraying Low viscosity, ultra-low viscosity
Particle Injection molding, extrusion, modification, spinning, thin-film manufacturing , Ultra-high viscosity  high viscosity, standard viscosity, low viscosity, ultra-low viscosity


Pure resin

High toughness, fatigue resistance and insulation

  • The brand with the right fluidity may be chosen according to the product specification size and processing method

Carbon fiber reinforced PEEK

High strength, temperature resistance and wear resistance

  • Carbon fiber filling up to 50%.
  • The tensile strength of conventional CF30 PEEK is 240~260Mpa, and that of the high-strength CF30 PEEK is up to 300Mpa.
  • Commonly used brands: 8200CF30 8800CF30

Glass fiber reinforced PEEK

Impact resistance, temperature resistance, high strength, cost reduction

  • Glass fiber filling up to 60%.
  • The tensile strength of conventional GF30 PEEK is 170~190Mpa, and that of the high-strength GF30 PEEK is up to 215Mpa.
  • Commonly used brands:8200GF30 8800GF30 8800GF30B FB908

Wear-resistant PEEK

Wear-resistant and self-lubricating

  • Wear-resisting working conditions are complex, such as high pressure and high speed, high pressure and low speed, low pressure and high speed, lubricating medium, relative wear materials, wear amount, working temperature... Different working conditions pose different material formula requirements and customized solutions are needed.
  • Currently, the composite modified wear-resistant PEEK has the lowest friction coefficient of 0.12.
  • Commonly used brands:8200FC30 8800FC30 8200CF30 8800CF30 HE611 HW002 8800WF45

Antistatic PEEK


  • The surface resistivity is uniform and controllable to meet the conventional requirements of 105-8 Ω/m2.
  • Different formulas may be provided based on to different application requirements.
  • Commonly used brands:ESD802 ESD806

Ceramic PEEK

Excellent dimensional stability

  • Nano ceramic filling, excellent dimensional stability, can be used for semiconductor chip test box, processing with micro pores and no burr, no deformation.
  • PFLUON Ceramic PEEK retains the original toughness and strength of PEEK
  • Commonly used brands:HDR425

PEEK with low thermal conductivity

Heat insulation

  • Thermal conductivity as low as Wm-1K-1, can be used in applications requiring heat insulation
  • Commonly used brands:HDR410

Voltage-resistant PEEK

High voltage resistance

  • Has high dielectric strength and excellent electrical insulation performance, can be used for insulation parts under extremely high voltage.
  • Commonly used brands:FB917

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