Ceramical Aero: New Ceramic Non-Stick Coatings

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Ceramical Aero is a new product under the CERAMICAL series of specialized coatings from Pfluon, officially launched to the market at the Autumn Canton Fair in 2023.

After a period of market validation, many customers have shown great interest in its performance. This is because of the popularity of ceramic non stick coatings nowadays, and that's why we have Aero today. In this article, we will give you a detailed introduction to this product.


Ceramical Aero is a specially optimized product within the CERAMICAL series, designed and developed by Pfluon specifically for small household appliances. It's an inorganic non-stick ceramic coating product that particularly addresses the pain points during the application process on small household appliance products like air fryers.

Easy Application, Cost Reduction

Ceramical Aero boasts excellent anti-sagging performance, allowing for its easy application on the surface of air fryers, freeing you from the tedious application process.

"Sagging" refers to the phenomenon where, during coating application, the coating on vertical or inclined surfaces becomes too thick, leading to the coating sliding under gravity, forming uneven layers with drips or flow marks.

In the small household appliance sector, sagging not only affects the product's aesthetic quality but may also impair the coating's protective performance, such as adhesion, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance.

Thanks to formula improvements, Ceramical Aero offers stable application properties and coating levelness, which can alleviate sagging to some extent. This not only saves production time but also improves the yield rate, further enhancing application efficiency and making your production more efficient.

Compliance with Food Contact Regulations

ceramical aero test

Ceramical Aero has passed many food safety tests, like FDA, LFGB, REACH and ROHS, complying with international safety standards for food contact materials, ensuring every stage from raw materials to finished products is free from toxic substances. And it's a safe coating solution for household appliances.


Features and Tests of Ceramical Aero

Ceramical Aero not only offers convenient application processes but also inherits the exceptional performance of the CERAMICAL series, enhancing its suitability for small household appliances.

Salt Spray Resistance

Salt Spray Resistance

A 5% neutral salt solution is used for this test, with the coating condition checked and recorded every 24 hours. After 48 hours, the surface coating shows no significant abnormalities. This demonstrates Ceramical Aero's excellent corrosion resistance in salt spray tests. Even after prolonged exposure to salt spray, the coating remains unchanged, maintaining its appearance and performance, indicating its ability to remain stable in humid environments for long periods.

Acid Resistance

Acid Resistance

For this test, a 4% concentration of acetic acid solution is boiled with the sample for 10 minutes, followed by a 24-hour standstill with the insulation function on, and then dried. Afterward, the surface coating shows no significant abnormalities. Ceramical Aero exhibits outstanding stability in acid resistance tests. After testing with a 4% acetic acid solution, the coating remains intact, indicating its stable resistance to the effects of acidic foods, ensuring product safety and stability in actual use.

Dishwasher Resistance

Dishwasher Resistance

The test involves normal washing in a dishwasher with 10g of detergent at a temperature of 70°C±5°C, with each cycle lasting 100 minutes followed by a 10-minute cooling period. After 200 cycles, the surface coating shows no significant abnormalities. Ceramical Aero withstands the test of dishwasher cleaning, maintaining its coating integrity through multiple washing cycles. This showcases its excellent resistance to washing, ensuring that the product retains its appearance and performance even after long-term use and cleaning.

Below are the detailed performance data for Ceramical Aero

Property Standard/Test Method Result/Requirement
Appearance Q/PFL001-2019 Flat and smooth
Gloss (°) GB/T 9754 ≥35
Hardness (H) GB/T 6739 ≥6H
Thickness (μm) GB/T 13452 31~45
Abrasion Resistance 15N/21cm², Wet grinding 6000 times PASS
Cold and Heat Impact Resistance 300°C/1 h, then immerse in 5~10°C water for 5 minutes 30 cycle PASS
Salt Spray Resistance 5% neutral salt, observe coating for abnormalities 48 h PASS
Dishwasher Test Place in dishwasher, 10g detergent, 70°C±5°C, each cycle 100min with 10min cooling 200 cycle PASS

The rigorous tests conducted on Ceramical Aero demonstrate its ability to maintain structural stability and non-stick performance in various acidic and alkaline environments. 

Additionally, its glossy surface not only makes food more appealing but also ensures the durability of the coating for long-term, high-intensity use. This undoubtedly adds significant value to your products, making Ceramical Aero an ideal choice for enhancing the quality and appeal of small household appliances.If you want Ceramical Aero, or other nonstick coatings, feel free to contact us today! 


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